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Wave Flux

Indium Corporation is a developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of: specialty solders (including solder paste, preforms, spheres, columns, wire, tubing, ribbon, and foil), fluxes, electrically-conductive adhesives, inorganic, indium compounds (including indium oxide, indium-tin oxide, indium hydroxide, and indium chloride), fusible alloys, indium-containing fabrications of all types, and pure indium (from commercial grade through high-purity grade).

1052-10 Water-Soluble Flux

1072 VOC-Free Flux

Wave Solder Flux #1075 VOC-Free

1075-EX VOC-Free Flux

1075-EX-30 VOC-Free Flux

1075-EXR-30 VOC-Free Flux

1075-EXR-44 VOC-Free Flux

WF-7742 VOC-Free Flux

1081 Water-Soluble, Halide-Free Flux

1085 Water-Soluble Flux

1095-NF Water Soluble Flux

1096-NF Water Soluble Flux

Wave Solder Flux #3541 No-Clean

3590-T No-Residue Flux

3590-TX No-Residue Flux

WF-9942 No-Residue

NR-10-D Wave Solder Flux

2036 Non-Activated Rosin Flux