Non Pb-Free Solder Paste

Non Pb-Free Solder Paste
Indium Corporation offers a wide selection of solder pastes to choose from, in order to meet each customer's specific needs. Besides having a selection of over 220 alloys, Indium Corporation offers several flux types that encompass a variety of more fine-tuned formulations. Please select from the table below to see detailed information on solder pastes that most interest you.
Indium 6.2 (Water Soluble)

Newer generation material designed to maximize production yields by minimizing printing & reflow related defects. Indium6.2 can be used with Sn63 & Sn62 eutectic alloys. Exceptional Printing, Unprecedented Stencil Life, Wide Humidity Tolerance, Extraordinary Tack Time and Strength, wide reflow process window,Excellent,Wetting Capabability,Superior Fine Pitch Soldering Ability,Ultra-Low Voiding,Halide-Free.
NC-SMQ92J (N0-Clean)

Industry standard, features include a probe testable residue, consistent print volumes, long stencil life and excellent wetting to all common board finishes. All 92 series solder pastes are halide-free with a ROL0 flux type classification per IPC J-STD-004A. Excellent wetting reflow in air, Probe-testable residue, Extended open time, Consistent fine-pitch printing, Strong initial tack strength and long-term stability, High humidity resistance, Halide-free
NC-SMQ92H (N0-Clean)

A harder residue version of NC-SMQ92J offering all the same features and unsurpassed performance.Compatability with common conformal coatings,Clear,benigh residue,superior stencil life,Exceptional wetting in air reflow,Outstanding print characterisitics,Halide-free.
NC-SMQ92 (N0-Clean)

NC-SMQ®92 is a halide-free, air reflow, no-clean solder paste formulated to leave a benign, probe-testable residue.The residue is easily penetrated and will not clog multi-point probes.